NEHEMIAH –Let us Arise and build!


Bible Verse – NEHEMIAH Ch2 :20

The God of heaven ( both hands up above at sides of our heads) will prosper us ( make ok sign with first two fingers for prosper and back to chest for us), therefore let us will arise ( jump up) and build ( hands moving above hands to show building)


The Message

Week 1 – Home Work Activities

Printable Coloring Page

  • Facebook Challenge – Love to write? Write a poem consisting of 5-6 lines on Nehemiah’s story today or from Nehemiah Chapter 1 OR Do you love to colour? You may print and colour the picture (link below ) and post it!


Printable Coloring Page

Colouring page – Nehemiah and the wall

Online Puzzle

  • Facebook Challenge :Build a wall with  the items you find at home, take a picture and post it on facebook. (link below)


Printable Coloring Page

Coloring page:  PRINT IT OR COLOR IT ONLINE !  

  • Facebook Challenge : Post your colored picture on kids of faith facebook page

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