Beauty For Ashes 31 days Devotional for Women

  • This devotional encourages you to begin or continue to build a meaningful relationship with God. The Bible calls us to wholeheartedly and exclusively commit to our God. Begin spending time daily with the Holy Spirit

Live Now Forever

  • This book contains powerful insight on how to truly receive Christ into your life, how to walk in Jesus’ footsteps, and how to enjoy your relationship with God through the power of transformation.

Words of Influence by Pastor Kingsley Osei

  • Collective transformational, inspirational and encouraging quotes that deals with everything from day to day life, to leadership, to ministry, to relationships, etc.  This book will change and effect your life!

The Triumph of Holiness: How to Participate in God’s Trait and Power’ 

  • This is a book for this generation! The book reveals how the passion of being like Christ generates supernatural authority in a person’s life.  It is a must read for everyone who aspires to live in the power of Christ through obedience.

The Influence of Leadership Seminar

  • Leadership Seminar that sparks both passion and the ability to lead. In this sessions, Pastor Kingsley Osei empowers people concerning the different necessary aspect of leadership and how to keep allowing yourself to grow into the characteristics of leadership. Stay tuned for the next seminar!

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