Vision 2014

Vision 2014: Building the Foundation for Success!

The ultimate and divine mandate for our lives on this Earth is to leave behind ‘a great legacy of success’. You were not made to be a failure!

Everyone of us owe ‘a great legacy of success’ to:

• God (‘Fruit Should Remain’)
• Ourselves (Maximized Potential)
• The Next Generation (Leaving A Mark)

Our mandate for 2014 is to receive the revelation that shows us that we have all we need to build a great legacy of success.

Vision 2014 is very important and it relates to everyone. Every level of success in your life is also the foundation for the next level. This means that the process of foundational building is an unending process.

“Foundation” pertains to two segments:

1. The Church (Corporate Body)
2. You (Individual Member of the Body)

The “Foundation for Success” is like a Seed:

Only Heaven knows how many fruits and other seeds dwells in a seed, but we know that a seed has a future as long as it is given a proper foundation.

The well being of a seed is contingent upon the kind of foundation that the seed receives.

God’s first words to Adam and Eve were “Be fruitful and multiply”.

That means God sees your life as a seed, since only seeds can be fruitful and multiply”.

This also means, a great legacy depends on what kind of foundation your life receives or the kind of ground your life as a seed is planted in.

Your life as a seed contains the potential for success in every area of your life and in 2014, God is laying a foundation and positioning everything right in your life for progress.

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